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Proactive CAMP sample

In the context of the project STAMP, ActiveEon is a use case to explore several configuration notably for using different databases. This page explain show how to run camp for proactive worflows & schedulling.

All case-studies are located in a separate Git repository, namely STAMP-project/camp-samples. You can fetch the case-study as follows:

$ git clone
$ cd camp-samples/activeon

Building camp last version

To build camp go to project root and use:

docker build . -t camp

To run camp within the created image use.

docker run -it camp bash

Work whithin the docker container has some drawbacks. The changes on the current drive are not seem or either presistent. Alternatively, you can also use a mounting point so camp container access an outside folder.

docker run -t -v $PWD:/campworkingdir camp camp -h

Now you can proceed to use camp. For instance for this example change current directory to be samples/stamp/activeeon and then run:

docker run -t -v $PWD:/campworkingdir camp camp generate -d /campworkingdir

CAMP then generates new Dockerfiles, properly chained together according to the configurations generated by camp generate. To do so, you can apply the following command:

docker run -t -v $PWD:/campworkingdir camp camp realize -d /campworkingdir

You can clean exited container and unlinked images using:

docker system prune

Running configurations

Now that the configurations are generated, you need to do some modifications to make it work:

Run system-tests

-Clone the project

git clone

-Run tests

./gradlew clean -Plocal test